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    so my battery status on the today screen wont update, it says its charging, if i reboot it still doesnt. i recently installed tcpmp and the flv plug in. thats worked like a charm once i installed it and pulled the battery and what not. ive got the weather bug plug in for the today screen, but nothing other than OEM stuff. thanks for the help! oh and is there a way to do a soft reset without pulling the battery? or completely turn of the device?
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    nobody can help me? my phones died several times because of this. its quite annoying.
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    I don't want to say it but do a hard rest and see if it will help. As for softrest without pulling the battery, use this.

    must have if you own a treo 800w without the rest hole.
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    well, not sure if i want to do a hard reset. but that soft reset program sounds good. thanks man

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