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    I am switching to Sprint from ATT but I don't want to get another phone. Can I just add a Sprint SIM card into it and have it work on my 750?
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    Sprint doesn't have sim cards.
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    Sprint doesn't have sim cards.
    To further elaborate, Sprint and AT&T use different technologies for their networks and you can't use a Sprint (CDMA) phone on AT&T (GSM) and vice versa. In short, you will need a new phone.
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    ... and it won't be a 750. Sprint offers the Treo 800W.
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    My company switched me over to Sprint and supplied a Treo 800. Really cool phone with lots of desired features (GPS, Wifi, etc) but be warned.....battery life is terrible. Even more so if you are in a fringe cell area.

    Unless you are able to stay close to an AC outlet for charging you will need a second (possibly 3rd) battery. If I got more than 6 hours without having to charge it was a good day. This was with minimal usage.

    I turned off IR, GPS, I basically had a simple cell phone and I was still lucky to get an hour conf call in without a low battery warning.

    I have switched back to AT&T and am using my trusty 750 once again.

    To the OP...make sure you read the Treo 800 forum so you are aware of some of these issues.
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    Yeah that's what steered me away from the 800w, pretty big bug list.

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