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    To Everyone who is experiancing this issue...
    List the following:
    1. Internet use on your phone (type & frequency)
    2. Your exact email configuration (types of accounts & sync type/frequency)
    3. Any other "notes" that you have noticed
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    1. Frequent internet use; mostly web browsing & email
    2. 2 Accounts:
    -ActiveSync to Exchange Server 2007 SP1 with Live Push
    -Manual update to IMAP4 Mail Server
    3. I turned off direct push today and noticed that I will drop by data connection, but it will be able to reestablish it now that direct push isn't on. This wasn't the case before...
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    1) light web browsing via opera mini
    2) 8 IMAP email accounts (3 were checking every 5 mins, rest once a day - since reduced to 30 problem still exists now check manually).
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    Turning off direct push did nothing...
    For those folks who got their phone replaced through the insurance did you have to pay a deductible???
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