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    As I will be having 2 plans when my TP arrives, I start looking at these dual-SIM adapters.

    Leaving the software issues for the moment, will these adapters fit at all?
    I had a Samsung once, where even the rebranding sticker of the SIM had to be removed to fit into the slot.

    Since I will be cutting the 2 cards to fit the adapter, it will always be thicker than an original SIM.

    Any thoughts from the lucky owners on the allowable thickness of the SIM-slot?
    Much appreciated!
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    The SIM slot is tight for just one SIM, so I don't think you will be able to squeeze in two.
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    Such a dual-sim adapter will be only ~0.2 mm thicker, maybe less.

    Stacking 2 SIMs I had already abandoned as an option
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    I would say it's too tight.

    I've tried those SIM adaptors and there are few phone makers (the Nokia's with opening/closing gate over the SIM card) that they work great on, and others that I think will be too tight of a squeeze.

    The ridiculous Centro SIM access, and probably the Pro too, I think are a no-no.
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    Now that the device is released, has anyone tried a Dual-SIM adapter?
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    The adapter fits into the holder. You may have to slide it in using slightly more force, but that doesn't harm your Treo Pro.

    But there seems to be a problem how the Treo Pro turns the phone on/off:
    The adapter which I use was working properly in the Treo 750, but in the Pro you can't switch between the two cards any longer. The second sim says only "missing sim card", the first sim works. No matter if you change the two sims in the holder, it's the same effect.
    The second sim can only being activated by removing the battery, causing the Treo Pro to restart.

    Maybe there are other models of this adapter which are working with the Treo Pro but who knows?
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