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    hey everyone,

    gmail's imap doesnt seem to send the mail the blackberry does. what i have done is that ive opened a microsoft live account where i foward all my gmail too. (this is under the gmail settings tab)

    i then go to the Windows Live option under my programs (i have a treo 800w) to set up the live account.

    from there, i i just change the synch schedule "as items arrive"

    i get notified of any email before my computer does now!

    so the benefits for me are:
    1. instant notification if i get email
    2. free backup (5gbs of my email from main email)
    3. no need to pay for any additional services
    only drawback is that when i reply, it replies from my hotmail account.

    i am still trying to figure out a way to have my responses sent from my gmail account.
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    I've always tried to stay away from Exchange in-house for e-mail and have been using Kerio mail server as our in-house mail server for the past two years. It runs it's own version of ActiveSync server and I've used 700w and 800w devices connected to it just as if it was an Exchange server in their ActiveSync setup. It wirelessly syncs your inbox and subfolders along with Contacts, Calendar, and Notes. It even supports the remote "wipe" function of remotely erasing a device that gets lost or stolen. My only disapointment has been that Outlook will not connect to it as an Exchange server so you have to use a plug-in for the Outlook connection if you want your Outlook data synced with your phone. I've used it configured for instantaneous "push" mail but found my battery life was terrible doing that on the 800w but did receive e-mails as quickly as a text message. I now use it with ActiveSync set to check for changes every 15 minutes and it works great. Just an option for people/companies that want to us WM devices but don't want to deal with an Exchange server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Anderson View Post
    3. Sprint has a variation of wireless sync but it is not very good. The older version uses background SMS triggers and works okat (you dont get billed for these SMS) the new client uses a heartbeat protocol but I had serious issues with the beta a couple of months ago.
    I'm wondering why Seven is moving away from the SMS trigger protocol. Its much more battery efficient than IMAP Idle or Exchange Push as there doesn't need to be a data connection. I just set the version on my 800w. While the interface isn't very polished, and the "help" is pretty bad, it does seem to use SMS triggers when "Push" is enabled. It appears to disconnect from the push server after about 30 minutes and then signals the server to send it a text message to wake it up if new mail arrives. This is just what i was looking for.
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