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    I have two contacts that have the same work number, but different mobile numbers and other personal information. Using Voice Command, I say, "Call Contact A at work." The phone says back to me, "Call contact A at work?" I say, "yes." The phone briefly displays contact A and dials the correct work number, but then the phone displays contact B who has an entirely different name, but the same work number.

    I've done a soft reset a couple of times. This didn't happen with WM5.
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    This actually happened in WM5 as well, it just wasn't as noticable.

    It also happens in WM6.1.

    It's just the way the contact database is coded.....
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    I just upgraded to WM6 last week, and NEVER saw this happen with WM5 prior. I'm using the same database of contacts.
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    It picks up the contact name from the 1st contact in the list (i believe) I have seen this in wm3,5 and 6. i have myself, the wife and daughter all had the same home phone. so when i called home one of our names would show up. i tried putting a # sign in front of the names and that would make that contact show up in the dial history (and the screen) while on the call. I wouldnt necessarily call this a bug tho, as it doesnt interfere with anything.

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