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    I had the weirdest thing happen today. Everytime I tried to turn off the device by pushing the red end button, it would lock the screen, turn off the screen and then immediately turn the screen back on. I'm in long business meetings this week so I'm trying to preserve battery as much as possible - so this was unacceptable.

    I double checked my power, backlight, brightness, and keyguard settings. No joy. Then I ran MemMaid looking for any registry errors/dangling notifications. No joy. Thought I had a key stuck so I opened notes and made sure to check every key. No joy. I finally did a hard reset and restored from a backup. Problem solved?

    Once I readjusted the brightness settings, the problem returned. Any time I set brightness to 4 or less, it exhibits this behavior. Anyone else ever see this problem? I'm thinking it's a software conflict, but I don't even know where to start looking - after all, the only thing I changed in the last couple days was turn off bluetooth and turn the screen down.
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    yes, treo 750 has a problem with screen turning off @ brightness less than 40%. If you want to save some battery, you can turn down kblight after 2 sec inactivity. I use Advance Configuration software to set it.
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    Got a link to where I can find this software? I had a similar hack on my Treo 650, and would like to have it for the 750. I tried searching, but my Google-Fu is weak today.
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    Article review on WMExpert within a month ago. It's a freeware from some french guy name julien schap or some such name.
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    Or here.
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