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    Now that some extended batteries are available, has anyone addressed the brightness of the screen on the 800w? If you were to compare the screens on the 800w and the 755p, you know what I mean. The 755p screen is true sunlight readable. The 800 is a wash.
    If palm tuned down the screen brightness for the sorry *** battery which it came with, can it be restored to full bright?
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    One of the first things I did when I got my 800w was to go into start, settings, system, brightness and crank it up a notch or two.
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    I have mine at the max brightness and during the day, I wish it had 1-2 more notches of brightness.
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    The Mogul had different brightness settings depending upon whether the phone is running on battery of external power. What gives with not having these settings on the 800w? Am I missing something?
    i500 --> 6700 --> 6800 --> 800w
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    Oddly enough, I have the OPPOSITE question! When I'm checking my phone in the middle of the night, the brightness is at the last level above "Off" and it KILLS my eyes! Anything to be done about that?

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