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    If this is fixed on WM6, then my decision to upgrade is just made.

    As of now, I'm still on WM5 on my 700wx. One thing I've found very peculiar is that I cannot enter a contact's extension number when entering their work number. I can't enter an x before the number (the field only allows the 7 to be entered, not the x), and if I enter it after, like this: 603-555-5555 1234, I get an error saying the number can't be dialed.

    What the heck am I missing? I did a search, and found similar threads, but nothing specific to this issue.

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    Try placing commas before the extension.

    A comma represents a brief pause in the dialing (allows for voice prompt for entry of extension).

    So try . . . . 603-555-5555,,,1234

    I also use this approach when entering access codes for 3rd party dial in conference call services
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    I tried it, an it doesn't work. I can't even enter the comma, the phone won't let me.

    And I upgraded to WM6 last night, and it's the same. Something's not right here. It seems so basic.
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    To clarify, I enter the commas in the phone number in the contacts record.

    I actually sychronize my contacts with Outlook, I enter the commas for the phone numbers in Outlook and then sychronize my updated contact with Active Synch.

    Sorry for leaving out this important detail.
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    ah. I think I see. You enter the extension info in Outlook. That's a reasonable workaround.

    I'll give that a shot.


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