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    I just went to my sprint account and found an icon that wasn't there before. I know that i was available for an upgrade every 18 month, now it says one year, for me that's great I can change phone once a year.

    As a Sprint Premier customer, receive a new phone upgrade every year. Thatís almost a year earlier than the New For You(TM) Upgrade Program offer.

    After 1 year of service with the same phone

    Get up to $150 good towards the primary handset on your account with a new 2-year Sprint subscriber agreement
    Up to $75 off a new handset with a new 1-year Sprint subscriber agreement
    No upgrade fee or shipping when you upgrade online

    Plus I just got 25 extra minutes "free" nothing in this world is free but i don't have to pay extra
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    nice one! i rarely upgrade my phones only when its absolutely necessary for me. but that's good of sprint to offer these discounts. although kinda sucks you have to get a new 2 year contract but thats for almost every carrier.

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