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    So yesterday i turned in my instinct for the treo 800w and im liking it alot.
    So as a newbie to windows mobile and the treo what settings, apps etc...
    do i need to get this thing rollin in the right direction?
    I tried lookin for the link to download opera mini but havent had time to fully search scince im at work at the moment.

    Thanks in advance
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    i'm a newbie as well. one thing that comes in handy when i'm installing programs is to back it up first then install the programs and then play with it for a few days. there are programs that just wont work sometimes since most of these programs are 3rd party apps.
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    Welcome to the darkside....this wasn't my first wm device (700wx) but it is the first one that I've done anything to. Cannot stress enough how much information is available by reading the stickied threads above and google. xda-developers, ppcgeeks are other good sites to find info.

    Back it up and start screwing around. Don't fear the hard reset. The software and phone were made to customize. Have fun with it. That's my advice.

    Must haves for me: Treo Alert, Real VGA and UL. All of which I got going just by reading the information on this board. Other stuff is fun, Astraware Casino (available free through pocket express), Sprint TV (if you have the plan) and WeatherPanel are great for this device too.

    I think I got Opera Mini OTA from their site....but can't remember. It too is a great program to have and try to get Skyfire because its good to have options.

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    Damn it, your post tricked me! I had thought we were going to partake in some noob bashing...

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