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    few things iv encountered wondering if anyone else has...
    1. my battery indicator often will just disappear until i do a soft reset and than it comes back
    2. I have my contacts and everything synced and when I deleted like 25 numbers from my phone and synced it kept giving me an error only to eventually load my original phone book back in again

    its all i can remember its late at nite lol i called palm their answer to all this was i need a hard reset lol
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    1. Happens. The battery icon overwrites the speaker. Sometimes the phone just plain forgets to put the battery icon there. I took mine off and use the QuickMenu battery meter.
    2. Check your sync settings to determine whether during sync it is set to defer to the device or the computer...otherwise not too sure, as you state its late and I don't have WMDC running.

    Search here, there are most likely answers to your questions.


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