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Yes, turning it down improves quality, *but* I also can't hear the call then. I finally got tired of this (I found my BT headset, then ran over it with my car by accident so it's been back to the earpiece for a week ) and took the phone into Sprint today.

The tech said she could reproduce the issue and didn't "have the part to fix," so a new phone would be mailed to me (none in stock). Now, whether that means there is an actual known hardware issue, or if it's just the tech's way of saying "yeah, it sounds bad, get another to see if it's fixed," who knows.

She did provide me with an extra hardwired headset and interesting, there's no issue there, so I do wonder if it's hardware or software related...

Regardless, I'm hoping the new unit has no issues, as other than this one nit, I've been very happy with my 800w (tho envious of the Pro's flat screen )
Good luck. I've had three of them and each one was just as junky as the one before it. Not sure if something changed in the parts between the beta units and the production units, but the earpiece speakers used are just awful. Maybe Palm has different suppliers and it's possible to get one that works.