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    From what I have seen, it appears these shells do basically the same thing. Can you plaease state the differences and pro/cons of each for the 800w?
    Are there other good shell programs available also?
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    to me mobile shell is a completely different GUI...........while UL is a customizeable today plugin
    700WX -> 800W -> Touch Diamond -> Pre?
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    I have tried both. I was not very happy with SPB's UI or lack of easy customization. I love UL's custom options & features (not not the easiest to grasp initially). Though SPB looks decent, I look for efficiency & customization for Today screen. :-)
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    I also tried both and I'm sticking with UL. Mobile shell is a completely different UI where as UL lets you retain the WM look but customize it they way you want it to look. I have multiple screens that all look like the original WM start screen. Mobile shell is a very nice program, just wish it was a bit more customization with it's icon placement. I also got tired of flipping through pages to find one program.
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    This is sort of comapring apples and oranges. UL is a plugin and Mobiel shell is a complete UI and not a plugin. I use both and they compiment each other well. Perosnally consider Mobile shell the 1 MUST HAVE app for the 800W ( ive said that in many threads not just here) but I also love UL. Just hard to compare them as theya rent really the same. they share a few functions but thats about it.
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    Ummm... Mobile Shell does indeed have a plugin. But UL is better with the combined tabs and with the help from people on this forum, it's easier with UL to get different icons and sizes of tabs and other customizations.
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    I use both as well.
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    I didnrt mean Mobile shell didn't have a plugin. I meant its a full UI (user interface) a now screen , a today screen, a contacts screen and you can use the plugin that comes wirth it. UL is a plugin and not a UI. There both good and both serve there purposes and work well together.

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