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    Quote Originally Posted by treotogo View Post
    agree 1000% ... was a Tilt owner myself then recently switched to the Q9h (which is an excellent phone) and I can't wait for the Pro. Couldn't take the clumsiness of the Tilt .... plus I really prefer WM professional over standard.
    I was a blackberry user but since i joined my new company I have to use microsoft exchange thus WM phones. Hopefully the Pro will make me not feel so bad that I can't use the BB Bold!
    I'll add my "me too" to this. I went from the blackjack to the treo 750 to the tilt and back to the treo 750. I now have the pro on order. The tilt had some more flash, but wasn't as easy to get my day to day stuff done.
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    The biggest thing for me with the Treo Pro is the RAM, oddly enough. I use a third-party app for studying Chinese (dictionary, flashcards, etc), and it uses a not inconsiderable amount of RAM. I typically have 11MB free after starting email and CJKOS (Chinese input for Palm). While the developers have done a pretty insane job in keep the memory requirements down, I'd still prefer having a slightly larger buffer. In addition, they're going to stop supporting Palm at some point, so yeah. Given that it's the primary reason for having a smart phone, I'd kinda like to be able to keep using it .

    Also, Blazer takes forever to start (I think it clears the DB Cache on start if it's too low), and it does it *every time*. Even if the browser takes a little while to start on WM, it won't do it every time I switch to it (right?).

    3G/WiFi is also going to be nice. I'm quite sick of GPRS (EDGE? Nope, not around here ).

    So yeah, that's why I'm grabbing a WM device. As for a Treo Pro, well, it sounds pretty sweet, and it's one of the few devices with a front-facing QWERTY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    I think the big kicker is going to be 3rd party app support. WM keeps gaining this by leaps and bounds and I don't really think it's something Palm will be able to recapture with a new OS even.
    Please excuse the off-topic question. You have some GORGEOUS wallpaper on your, what is it, the Curve? It looks like the Bold I am getting upon release. Is this the Curve, or the Bold?

    And I've pre-ordered my Treo Pro, folks, so not totally off-topic.
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    If you want Palm OS, buy a 680 or a Centro.

    Palm OS is now out of date. It cannot do the multi-tasking required for 3G.

    There are lots of people waiting for Nova, the new Palm OS, but nobody knows when it might arrive, or how good it's going to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchDude View Post
    Form factor, one-handed device, WiFi, GPS, up to 32GB microSD space, Windows Mobile 6.1, 1500maH battery, 320x320 resolution, full QWERTY keyboard, no carrier lock, Bluetooth + EDR...oh man, my hand is getting tired...
    Yep, FORM FACTOR. Thin enough for a shirt pocket. That alone was enough for me. Now I can get rid of a Tx PDA and Razr cell phone. I'll need to update a couple of applications to Windows Mobile from Palm OS, but the form factor is worth it. The other things of course are gravy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ftwitty View Post
    Yep, FORM FACTOR. Thin enough for a shirt pocket. That alone was enough for me. ...clip...
    I was already sold on Treo in itself.
    But now I have a ppc that is all I need in a perfect size!
    Home Run Palm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    I like the Touch Pro too(that's the Touch Diamond design with a physical keyboard, right?), but the Treo Pro is actually the first Treo to get me interested in Palm again. The form factor is great for text and email, and the new design is quite attractive for a Treo. They finally caught up, LOL! Decisions, decisions. My 8525 is looking so old now.
    Hi, Phone Diva. I know your comment is over a month old, but it fits my sentiments well. Because of more emailing & texting, virtual keyboards aren't cutting it for me -- I've tried a bunch of different ones on my 8525. Switching to landscape mode to use the slide out keyboard gets old fast, too. The Touch Pro is too much like the 8525 to impress me -- new features & upgrades from the 8525, yes; much difference from the 8525, no. Which leaves RIM & Palm -- both with physical keyboards in portrait mode. In my case, Palm with WM 6.1 wins out because of certain apps & customizations I use that aren't made for Blackberry, yet. I had expected the Treo Pro to be larger (to allow larger screen & keyboard real estate), but it still works very nicely for me. And, interestingly, putting the 8525 & the Treo Pro next to each other, the same sized type is clearer on the TP.
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    For me it was because the TPro is the only WM phone offered in Australia that offers such high levels of reception.....simple really...
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