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    Yesterday I notice I had stopped get emails on my Treo 750 and on further investigation found I wasn't getting SMS's either. Both messaging programs now run for about 5 seconds then show an error "messagingapp.exe error"
    Can anyone help me?
    In another thread they mention removing the file PalmMsgV001 from the windows folder but this didn't solve my problem. I have also noticed the email soft key doesn't work anymore. Scrolling down the Today screen to Email or SMS and then pressing the centre button (which would normally start the function) doesn't work either. Although some times it will run for the 5 secs then show the error mentioned above.
    Any suggestions?
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    I never had that issue.

    Here's something I found with google:

    Also, for those that get that messagingapp.exe error, you can just copy the messagingapp.exe from the "\Program Files\Palm Messaging" and put it in your "\Windows" directory.

    Not sure if it will help you though
    Just call me Berd.
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    Thanks Berd, but I don't have the folder called 'Palm Messaging' in the Programs Folder!
    Can you tell what files are in the folder and where I might be able to get them. I still have the CD that came with the treo but it doesn't appear to have it on it either.
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    I will try and attach mine this afternoon.
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    It may be that your messagingapp.exe is corrupt.
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    Thanks Berd, I think you are probably right in saying that mine file is corrupt.
    Look forward to getting a copy form you.
    I had a look at the WM6 upgrade file and it is only an exe file so there is no chance of getting it from there.
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    Try this:

    if it doesn't work, I don't know what else you can try but a Hard Reset.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Didn't work unfortunately, bummer it looks like a hard reset then reload WM6. Actually maybe if I try reloading WM6 it might work, it is worth a try, it will be quicker than doing a hard reset back to WM5 the updating to WM6. Hmmm, I think that will be a week end job!! Either way I will keep you informed.
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    No need to reload WM6. I had this problem too yesterday, so I am forced to hard reset. Had to reload from backup set of 2 days ago because error keep pops out if I use yesterday's. I only reload the PIM's and sync to desktop on a new empty profile. All applications & tweaks loaded one by one. Fun, eh. I only loaded 2 new apps trial last week, Flexmail & Handyswitcher.
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    Pdaneophyte, you are correct( re reloading WM6). On sunday afternoon I finally got around to doing a hard reset on my Treo. Before I did I took a copy of all the stuff I didn't want to loose plus I did a back up with Sprite. Hard Reset the pda and checked to make sure SMS's would work, yep all OK. So I restored from Sprite, nup no SMS's, so that meant my data was in trouble rather than the software. So I peformed another hard reset and then copied (not restored)the info that I wanted back to the Treo and all is well. I have been putting off this job because I was thinking it would take hours, but it was all done in less than 2 hours. Still have a couple of minor programs to reload but they can wait!!
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