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    Hopefully someone can help with this. My camera has suddenly disappeared. I've tried to launch it using the short cut (option + start), from the pictures & video link, and from the program menu, but all any of them pull up is the pictures & video program. there used to be a link labeled "camera in the first box but now its gone. I already tried to hard reset thinking maybe I deleted it somehow, but its still gone. Anyone else had this problem or heard of it? Anyone know how to fix this other then replace the phone?
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    I use Resco Explorer and first made sure to unhide all files. I then did a search on "camera.lnk" It came up with 2 entries in the following paths:

    \windows\start menu\programs

    The shortcuts both point to the following:


    I typed the above exactly how it shows up.

    Did you re-map your buttons in any way? I had problems losing my shortcut when I put the camera shortcut in the start menu by going to start/settings/menu and checking the box next to the camera. I've since unchecked it and had no problems.

    You can also double check your button shortcuts. Go to start/settings/buttons and see if Option + Start is set to "camera." Does "camera" appear in that list at all? When I would lose my shortcut, I still showed the Option + Start assigned to the camera even though it didn't work. I would have to assign it to something else, hit ok, and then re-assign it back to camera.

    Hopefully all of this isn't to confusing and helps you to fix your problem.
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    I think its my issue that is confusing. I checked the shortcuts and they are correct. I have the "camera" shortcut set to option+start and it works it launchs the pictures & video screen like it alwas did. So does clicking on "camera" in the programs menu or selecting pictures & video in the start menu. The problem is when p & v launches the first entry top left box of the grid was a camera icon that you would click and the actual camera would load so that you can take a picture. Now howeve, all grids are empty. I store all my photos on my sd card to save space. The camera icon was in the my pictures folder, now nothing. I checked all folders in the program and the photos I've taken are on my memory card but I can not find the camera icon anywher so I can no longer take pictures. I hope I've explained this well, its a bit confusing. Thank you for your help.
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    Ok, when you launch P & V and get the blank grid, if you hit the menu key at the bottom right, does "Camera" show up at the top of the list?

    Also, what does the left key show? Mine says "Camera"
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    Left key is blank and camera is not listed under the menu (right key).
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    Quote Originally Posted by wh20250 View Post
    Left key is blank and camera is not listed under the menu (right key).
    Strange, a Hard Reset should fix it, are you sure you tried a hard reset? Remove the battery and then press and hold the power/end button while re-installing the battery. The user guide says to release the button as soon as you see the Palm logo but that didn't work for me, I think I released it too soon. Hold it long enough and when you release it you should get a screen that says "erase all data?" Then press the up key to confirm.

    If you've done all that and the camera still doesn't work, it could be a hardware problem and you would probably need to exchange the phone.
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    I deffinatly did a hard reset. Its just real strange how the camera seems to have disapeard. I could understand it being a hardware issue if the icon was there but the camera didn't work or had no pictures, but its as if I deleted the program for the camera and there doesn't seem to be any way to reload it. Do you know of any 3rd party apps that can control or feed from the camera? That might at least tell me if the hardware is working. Replaceing the phone won't be a problem if I have to, but I'd like to make sure thats the only solution before doing so.
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    Looks like the only fix is to swap out the camera, although one suggestion said to "try switching back to "My Device" from "Storage Card" in the pictures gallery" but it didn't say if that fixed the issue or not.

    Strange that a hard reset wouldn't fix it, you would think that the camera info would've been loaded in ROM, unless that somehow became corrupted.

    This may be a dumb question but do you have a lot of pictures? Your storage card wouldn't be filled, would it?
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    I think the my device/storage card suggestion was just to make sure you had the right folder pulled up in P & V. Looks like a hardware swap is the only solution. As far as the number of pictures I hardly ever use my camera and now I'm starting to wonder if its a use it or loose it problem. I wonder how often these other people use their camera. Just seems like there should be some kind of software fix, but I guess I'll be replacing my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wh20250 View Post
    I think the my device/storage card suggestion was just to make sure you had the right folder pulled up in P & V. Looks like a hardware swap is the only solution.
    Sounds like it. It could be a bad camera. Maybe the software is set up to detect a functioning camera and if it doesn't, then the software won't load. Hard to say but if a hard reset didn't fix it, then either the ROM is corrupted or there is a hardware problem, either way an exchange seems to be the only solution.

    Good luck!
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    I had this exact problem with a 700wx

    It ended up being a bad camera (that or I had dropped it just the right way, which is possible). Had to have the device replaced.

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