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    Absolutely, catogorically, undoubtedly, beyond any question, the GPS is stand-alone.

    Did the full test with the phone turned off, after a soft reset, after taking the sim card out... even hid the sim card under my pillow, put on a false moustache and turned the lights off!

    beautiful.... i laughed aloud
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simsim View Post
    LOL! No, but I had to take my baby out of the house, and pushed him round the block in a push-chair to get to sleep...

    Does that count or is there a min speed limit on the joy ride?

    Pick-up of signal was not too quick though. My in-car TomTom takes about 2 mins. This took a min 5-6 to get a signal!
    Dave Matthews has a song "Joy Ride".. does that count if I play it while taking out the SIM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simsim View Post
    Just took my first official "joy ride" with the Pro running TomTom to the airport and back this morning. Clear picture and clear loud instructions.

    Of course my proper TomTom 720 sat sulking in the glove compartment moaning "that's MY job", and I had to explain this was just a test, and I'll buy it a some new Points Of Interest if it behaves itself
    I forgot.. If I have my Treo Pro in my pocket and SIM out.. and I am at a Men's Club getting a lap Dance.. would that be considered a Joy Ride?
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