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    What is the esiest way to increase the volume on the 800w? When I talk on it it's ok, but when I listen on the loudspeaker (or ear buds)I can barely hear it - including voice, music, ringer.

    I'm not very technical...
    Is there an easy way I can increase the overall volume level on everything through the loudspeaker - without having to purchase software?

    I've read some threads about changing the registry, but I don't know what's needed and don't want to mess up my phone.
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    Without the solution being technical, all you can do is press the volume up key to the max while on the call or whatever is using the speaker.

    I can say, I did the registry hack while trying to default BT headset volume. BT headset volume can't be defaulted to max, but I did get the speaker volume so loud, I totally undid the registry hack. It was just too loud and I discovered I preferred the volume settings where they are without the hack for normal use.

    But if you need the volume louder, the registry hacks work. (Really well.) I understand you don't want to mess anything up, but if you give it a shot, just run a backup of your device first .

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