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    I am having issues with (WM6) Activesync and connecting to my work Exchange server. I think it is just an issue with installing the correct certificate(s).

    Is there an easy way to identify which certificates are associated with the working OWA? I assume if I knew which client-side (root and intermediate) certificates were being used by OWA I could simply export them to my device.
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    Go to your OWA page in IE. I think if you are using IE6 on, one of the icons on the bottom that looks like a padlock if you double click on it, it will give you the details. In IE7, I belive the certificate icon is right next to the address bar.
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    Thanks, that was very helpful.

    The certificate issue is now solved.

    But... WMA and OMA work, but Activesync does not. <sigh>

    Error is now 0x85010014 (indicated as on the server), which could be any number of things. Drat!

    I am hoping I can get my IT support to help. I think I am down to some server config problem and they do not offically support OTA Activesync.

    Damn. I hate these generic, all-inclusive error messages.
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