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    One more getting fixed in the SPB ....

    I have not tried it yet
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    Looks pretty good. Still trying it to see if it works right.
    There does seem to be an issue with Mobile Shell and PhoneSuite, as MS Now screen doesn't display the correct volume level. It seems to show the correct profile icon, but not the correct volume percentage.
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    Sweet...thanks for the info.
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    Just download the SPB Phone suite beta and finally it's getting there. Still needs some improvement, but it's still a beta hopefully we'll see it compete working soon.

    Possible Bug with Treo 800w using newest version of Mobile Shell:

    1. Profile change does not show accurate volume percentage on Shell screen.

    What I mean is that when I change a profile, the icon is correctly displayed on my Now Screen, but the volume percentage is stuck at 0%. (Volume is not really 0%.

    2. Text messaging notification not working

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