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    got my 750 Aug of last year, still runs great!, cant complain whatsoever, the 750 has got to be one of the best treos around. and i got a 700wx on sprint which i badly need to upgrade lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I think a lot of the bashing was from those who came from POS.
    They loved their POS treo, wanted 3G, and so moved to the 750, and then found WM5 awkward.
    For some reason, I loved it and never looked back, I accepted WM with smiles.
    And 6.1 is rock solid.
    wm5 was hard for alot of people. I don't no why I did alot of support for the 700w wx and 750 and 99 % of the time it was end user error or persons just getting to learn windows mobile. once people learned how to close back ground apps and set their fire walls on the pcs that they were syncing too they had very few issues
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    I think the 750 is a great phone
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    I'm probably another early adopter. I got my Treo 750v in Oct 2006 and have been happily using it. Been through a lot with my Treo 750v until now. Now I am working for the government and not allowed to bring the 750v as it is a camera phone. I'm looking for another 750 non camera if available.

    BTW, I'm from Singapore so a bit harder. But I do have friends in US esp Utah. Would appreciate any help locating a non camera phone new, used, refurb.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I, too, am a very happy Treo 750 owner and user, coming from the Palm OS with a Zire 71 and then a Treo 650. I'm so happy that I can do a lot more with it with the Wi-Fi. But now, I'm likely itching to try out a Blackberry and Nokia smartphones. I don't think that I am going to get the Treo Pro and my "palm" (even branded Palm) days are numbered. Had they come out with the Treo 800w and Treo Pro 2-3 years ago, it may have changed things. But now, I am much more open for other platforms and devices.

    Not that I'm not happy with my Treo 750, but curious.
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    In my humble opinion the Treo 750 has been one of the best WM devices ever released from Palm. I love until now my 750 and I'm still comptemplating upgrading to the Treo Pro.
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    treo user and if mine craps out im ebaying another . just love this dam phone
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    Hello...New to the forum and the Treo...must say I agree it's a great device...I've owned a few WM devices and this is by far the best! it seems that Palm stripped down the O.S. because it works without little to no flaws at all...
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    I've followed this post for sometime. I wish I knew what phone you are all raving about. The one described is certainly not the 750 I own.
    Is it functional...yes, but just barely. I really haven't found a viable alternative in regards to cost/functionality. Is it the stable "fine" machine described? Absolutely not. This from a 750 user of 2 years!
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    Not sure what problems you're experiencing. I have to admit that when I got it with WM5, it was slow as molasses and I wasn't terribly impressed. Once I upgraded to WM6, it was like night and day!

    I'm trying a Nokia E71 and although it's great and got lots of features, the QWERTY keys on the 750 beats it hands down. I think I may get the E71 as an upgrade but I definitely will need a bluetooth keyboard.

    Otherwise, I'm very happy with my Treo 750.

    Perhaps you may share what you don't like about your 750?
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    Ok lets see.
    -Key remap for no apparent reason causing a need to reset to correct. ( occurred on two of my Treo 750's).
    -Intermittent recognizing of SD card. Causes havoc when receiving emails with attachments.
    - inability to save attachments to SD card automatically even though that setting is selected.
    -Unreliable email syncing (POP3 email, 2 separate accounts, set to check every 5 Min)
    -The inability to hear email alerts or any other alert besides phone call when attached to computer
    -inability so hide sim card contacts
    -Horrible battery life.
    -3G connectivity causes dropped calls way to often (more an AT&T fault that Palm)
    -Sluggish interface...Often (WM6)
    I could go on.
    Many of these issues I have addressed over this forum in the past.
    No good solutions.
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    I was forced to switch to the Treo 750 because of work-related issues from my BB Curve about 3 months ago. I really loved my BB phones and couldn't get used to my Treo for the first month. Cursing everyday. But i've grown accustomed to the 750 now and enjoy it. Though I would like to share my personal differences between the BB Curve and the 750.

    I feel the BB Curve is far superior in terms of:
    Phone functionality (acting like a regular cell phone), E-mail & Battery life (active and standby).

    I feel the Treo 750 is far superior in terms of:
    Internet surfing & 3rd party apps. Office mobile is a plus.

    So i would have to say both phones have their pluses. I just wish my Treo wouldn't freeze up so much and have the delays when receiving calls and hanging up. Upgraded to WM6 already.
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    I'm switching back to a 750 after using a Ubiquio 501 for a while. The 750 is just a better made product in my opinion. My advice to anyone who is thinking about a Windows Mobile phone-200mhz processors (like the OMAP in the Ubiquio) are just not adequate speed wise.
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