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    Hi, I have DivX mobile on my 800W and I could watch ripped DVD movies that my friend gave me on my 800W just fine. However when I use DVD Decrypter to rip the dvd and after that use DivXConverter, every movie I rip when viewed on my Treo looks messed up. The top half of the screen is great, but the bottom half of the screen are all different colors and unreadable. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Any advice on ripping movies to work with DivX Mobile? I really do need step by step instructions.

    Thanks all,

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    Did you try playing the video on your computer? I used to get a nasty green garbled mess when the DVD was decrypted improperly.
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    Ya, I get that green garbled stuff towards the bottom of the screen every time...I will redownload the decrypter.

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    try using cucusoft you could export files to 3gp. etc... works great with tcpmp or windows media player..I like it because you can adjust the audio to make it louder etc..

    pm if you want more info *hint* *hint*

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