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    I've found another bug - this time it's with Contacts.

    Here are the steps to replicate:
    1. Open Contacts.
    2. Enter a name that's not stored on my phone.
    3. Choose Corporate Directory for it to lookup the contact on Exchange.
    4. Click on the contact that comes up to choose it.
    5. Click Menu.

    One of two things happens. The menu will open but will take about 4 or 5 seconds to open OR the menu won't open and instead poutlook.exe will crash.

    If I soft reset, the menu opening is just delayed but it will eventually open. But, after the phone has been up and running for a little while (few hours or so), the menu opening will cause the crash again.

    Can anybody else using Exchange ActiveSync replicate this?
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    running out of memory?

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