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    I have no sounds on my phone - too often I'm in places where my phone cannot make noise, so I just removed all ringers and have it almost exclusively on vibrate - and I count on my bluetooth to tell me when I have a call. I have Voicecommand set to announce calls, which is cool except when it announces call waiting calls while I'm on another call. The person on the other end can't hear obviously, but it drowns out whoever is talking to me. Even if I hit ignore, that stupid woman keeps telling me about my call waiting.

    Anyway to shut her up when I'm on a call? I've looked through settings and aside from killing call announcements altogether, I can't find how to change it, or if I can.

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    Most people complain they can't hear anything.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure if its the headset I have (Plantronics 650), but I have never had complaints with volume...with that Bluetooth audio app I can hear Nav directions at highway speed and I can hear the TV in a fairly loud room...however this is a problem when I'm trying to hear the person talking to me and the VC lady interrupts with another call....
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    Google is your friend (somehow I think that will be really creepy at some point in the future)....

    I haven't tried the cab yet, but it seems this didn't just bug me. There is a app in which you can toggle your time as free or busy and set up VC not to bug you during busy time. The idea is to toggle yourself to busy for every phone call. Seems a little tedious. Can't believe this isn't a setting somewhere within VC, sometimes those folks at MS just don't think straight

    would there be any way to further his app and tie it to phone calls somehow so it was automatic? Barring any reasonable solution, I'm gonna have to turn those notifications off.

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