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    I am using Microsoft Exchange option to sync email on my Treo 800w. Does anyone know how to delete email on your phone but keep it on the Server? I cannot find that option to keep on server like POP3 accounts will let you do.
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    I don't think you can. The whole point of using Exchange OTA is to keep everything in sync.
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    Get a Blackberry!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtrose View Post
    Get a Blackberry!
    Don't forget, you need the server side software as well.
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    I created a folder in outlook and named it 'online only'
    I actaully have a few folders with different names like; 'biz' or 'personal'.
    You can choose which ones you want to sync and which ones you don't. my folder name 'online only' isn't set to sync.
    All emails initially come to inbox which syncs with my phone. When I get back in my office, I move all the emails to the folders where they belong. Exchange keeps all these folders in sync. All the emails I don't want on my phone go in the 'online only' folder.

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