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    Is there a way to change the browser's "flag" on the Treo so that website will serve up the full version rather than the mobile version of their website?
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    I will venture to say no. Here's why:

    It depends on the website.

    Some websites use browser detection to determine what browser you are using by looking at the user-agent string. If they choose to, they may direct that Browser A gets the mobile version while Browser B gets the regular version. With websites that don't do this, you would just get the regular site, subject to PIE's interpretation.

    You could always try to find where to change the user-agent string in the registry, but I would stay away from doing so as you may find yourself with a non-functional browser and a hard reset coming your way.

    If it is a huge issue for you, try installing an alternative browser as a backup solution such as Opera or NetFront.
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    That is what I was getting at. I know they use browser detection, i just want to fool them into thinking it is not the mobile browser, but I understand your point that the page it then serves up may not work right.

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