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    I know this is a usual question! Why help? Because is scary to change from my beloved Palm OS plataform to WM (at least until I get to see Nova). So while i'm trying WM, I would like to get recommendations for apps I usually use in Palm OS to have a counterpart in WM. These are the apps I need help with:

    Adarian Money
    Adarian ID
    Trip Boss
    Best email & browser

    I also would like to hear your recommendations for must have apps!

    Thanks community!!!!
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    DTG - there is a release for the WM Pro now.
    DB6 - nothing close.
    Email - I gave up on Pocket Outlook and went with FlexMail. Handles IMAP & pop well.
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    Making the same move POS > WM.

    Rumours are that Adarian Money will be ported to WM, when is totally unclear.

    You might want to consider StyleTap, POS emulator for WM.
    Pricey, but maybe worth it.
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    For a DateBk5/6 replacement, take a look at Pocket Informant. They have a free trial and you can download the .cab files directly.
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    PI does a good job, but still not what DB6 is. It and Agendus just have too much going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mactanzi View Post
    Best email & browser
    Fennec (mobile Firefox) once it's released; Skyfire or Opera Mobile in the meantime.

    I'm looking at making the same jump as mactanzi... the hardware of the Pro makes it one of the best phones on the market (IMO). The WinMob interface, on the other hand... So I'd like to see an equivalent to pRevolt--a program to skin WinMob.

    Anyway, I can agree with several of the other recommendations. PI (while it may not be all that DB6 is, it looks to be the best thing available), FlexMail, StyleTap... and I'd recommend pTunes for MP3s. Since I don't use Windows Media Player on the desktop, there's no reason to on a Treo either.
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    I've always been a big fan of outlook on both the pc and windows mobile. It's even better if you've got an exchange account.
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    Thanks everybody for the tips! I pre-ordered the Treo Pro, so hopefully this will be a long thread by the time it arrives. Please let suggestions coming! And also if have recommendations for other apps please be welcomed.

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