September 11, 2008 -- WakefieldSoft LLC, a long time provider of productivity software for handheld devices, today announced a Windows Mobile version of its popular InfoSafe Plus secure information manager application. Until now, the popular InfoSafe Plus software had only been available for users of Palm OS handhelds and Windows Mobile devices with touchscreens.

With InfoSafe Plus, Windows Mobile smartphone users now have the ability to instantly lookup secure login, password, and personal account information on their smartphone. The Windows Mobile version of InfoSafe Plus joins the Palm version in making it easier than ever to access personal information and numbers - easily and securely.

InfoSafe Plus is a complete personal information manager for handhelds and desktop computers that allows users to securely access login and account passwords, PINs, account numbers, and other personal information while on the go. InfoSafe Plus features a convenient user interface, data synchronization, password security, customizable categories and fields names. The PC desktop software allows report printing, data import and export, quick launch of website URLs, and much more.

InfoSafe Plus is available now at A full functioning trial version is also available for download.

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