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    One of the things I most enjoy about my 700wx, or any Windows Mobile device for that matter, is the abundance of third party software that allows you to transform your device into whatever you may desire.

    I am sure that there are fundamentals to testing software, and in leu of the fact that I recently have begun getting freezes and error messages for the first time since owning my 700wx, I was wondering if anyone could give me a step by step protocol for trying different titles from different developers.

    I am well aware of the titles that keep my device solid yet functional, yet how do you give new titles a try and make sure they are completely gone if you run into stability issues?

    Thank you,
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    What I do? I back up the device first then play and if play time is no-no, I then execute a hard reset and restore. Now that said, I back up the device each evening and really, if it is just a simple application, I do not worry about backing up before then.

    An application such as MemMaid does an excellent job with file de-installation and so far it has removed everything.

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