I have been syncing my BJ II via Activesync 4.5 to my pc since March. I have an old version of Outlook contained in Office 2000. Activesyn repeatedly crashed and was very unstable. However, it synced in the past. I really didn't care as I use Lotus Notes and a product called Easy Sync to sync my Notes contacts and calendar etc. Rcently, Activesync has decided to stop connecting to my device. The troubleshooter tells me that I have to upgrade Outlook (even though I really don't use it to sync my PDA) before it will allow me to sync. I find this offensive. I will likely have my employer fork over a couple hundred bucks for an upgrade that I will never use and never need (Office 2000 works just fine for me) so I can sync my PDA. Now I remember why I was hesitant to switch from Palm OS to WM in the first place. AARRRGGGHH.