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    I've done a search.. a few, actually, and I can't find how to convert my Palm OS contacts to my 800w.
    Is there a detailed way to do this anywhere?
    I just tried installing Outlook (I use OUtlook express) and I get the message:
    "An error occured while trying to open the windows address book"

    It took me most of the morning and 2 machines to get the activesync to find the 800w, and now I can't create or open a contact file in outlook.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered..

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    Outlook is a b1tch. You have at least two other options, maybe more. First one is to sync your 700p with an Exchange server and then sync the 800w to it. Second option is similar - sync your 700p to Google using Goosync...and then sync your 800w to it.

    And worst case can beam your pim data one record at a time from the 700 to the 800w.
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    I used Chapura's PocketMirror to port my Palm OS contacts to Outlook and then was able to sync them to the 800w. I just used their trial version since I only needed to do it once. I'm using the full version of Outlook, Don't know if it will work with Express.

    Make sure you install the updates for the 800w from the Palm site. There is one for the USB sync problems. This has fixed most people's issues with their device being recognized.
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    Upgrading PIM Information from a Palm OS device to a Windows Mobile smartphone

    You might need this:
    OutlookŪ 2007 Update for Palm OS Devices

    I like Outlook. All my data stays with ME . Not on 3rd party servers.
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    worst case, Sprint store may be able to help. May want to call ahead to see if they can.

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