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    I use a screenprotector from
    It was cheap but works well
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    I've ordered and installed the casemate kit on the pro. Given the grip, I doubt it will ever peel away from the windows and ok buttons.In fact, I'm not sure it will comes off without taking those buttons with it. . .

    However, I found it much harder to install that the egrips product and it left smears on the screen that I think will require removing and replacing the screen protector to correct.

    The overall grip is nice, it's not egrips but it works well and it's easier to get it out of your pocket than egrips. It has enough grip that it pulled the silver PALM labels off of the cradle over a couple of days.

    I wish they had included some side pieces, right now it's only 2 pieces, Back cover and front screen.
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    My Invisible Shield has been on for about 2 weeks now and the texture is still tacky compared to Best Skins Ever (on my iPod). Is it my imagination or should I exercise my 30 day satisfaction guarantee and swap for a BodyGuardz? I thought BSE and IS were identical except for the packaging and accessories but maybe not?

    The IS also has 2 corners on the back that will not stick down. I don't mean the flaps but a sort of fold or bubble between the flaps. I can't re-apply the corners really cos they are flush against the edges of the back cover edges and would stick over otherwise. I don't know if it's a poor cut or got stretched somehow.
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    go for the bodyguardz if you have spare $25. it doesnt feel tacky imo
    i used the invisible shield on my ipod nano, it kinda turned color hahah
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    Zagg is awesome. It's pricier than most, but supposedly you'll never have to replace it. If it's damaged, it's guaranteed for life. Just send Zagg $5 for shipping and they'll send you a new one.
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    i bought a martin fields screen protector and it sucks...i could not get the edges on the start and ok buttons to stay on the buttons..i had an air bubble that kept comming back. i just ripped it off and am now looking for something which skin would you guys recommend..

    1) InvisibleShield

    2) CaseMate Clear Armor

    3) BodyGuardz


    Casemate clear armor doesnt look like it will protect the front as much as the BodyGuardz do. Casemate stops at the start and ok buttons, wherE BodyGuardz cover the calendar and mail buttons as well as the sides. I cant really tell what InvisibleShield covers from their website (which is stupid) but someone said that it covers like the BodyGaurdz, I THINK??

    which one should I get and why..they are all pretty much the same price, so that doesnt matter. I already blew some money on the MartinFields screen protector. Plus the Martinfields screen protector offered no type of aniglare protection at all. i know some people like the crystal clear look, but i am looking for something with a little antiglare look, and something that will cut down on alot of fingerprints...
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    The Invisishield covers the start and ok buttons and screen in one piece. There is an additional piece for each of the calendar and mail buttons.
    There is a piece for the 5-way select button.
    The back is one piece. The piece for the back has palm and the camera hole cut out.
    Then there are pieces for each side and the top.
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    I am using Zagg's. It does not work as well as the video from their website, but still gets the job done. It also is not anymore fingerprint resistant than the naked pro. I have not used other skins to compare it to. Also, the side protectors were not sized correctly. I had to take a razor and trim them down abit.
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    i just installed zaggs invisibleshield and my looks terrible. it has been on for about 12 hours and there are air bubbles everywhere...and the front isnt clear..there are smudges or something on the screen protector..does this go away? also is there any problems when taking the invisible shield off?
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    The zagg's will experience an orange peel effect. Plus the tackyness doesnt work too well as a screen protector. Fine on the body but not ideal on the screen. I fine my finger doesn't slide on the screen because of this. I believe it should get better as it dries so check on it in a day or two.

    The bubbles should be flattened out with the included squeegee. But I also saw all bubbles go down after a day so that I couldnt get out with the squeegee. I think it should look better tomorrow on that front too.

    I have done a zune in a zagg and I noticed the tackyness on the screen so I skipped the screen part when I did my 750. I used the sony psp protectors they sell in the store for 6 bucks for 2. But i know a lot of people must use the zagg's on their screen so i suppose it doesnt bother many.
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    The guy I sent the skin case and screen protector to sent them back because he switched to the iphone. So I now have to give them away again. The skin is the same as the one in post 43. Pm me if you want them.
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    Seido advertise the 800w and Pro as the same protector to use. So I guess just that one little area on the Pro.

    I think with this design being flush, you can use a skin to cover the back and the side.

    For me, I just tell myself to handle with firm grip and just slap on a screen protector.
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    A few weeks after my review, I'm still very happy with the BodyGuardz. I don't think any of these competitors have the perfect product, but the BodyGuardz is not sticky and the screen part is perfect. I don't think you can create a near-perfect backside on that shiny glossy black cover, unless they would make it opaque black for the backside (hey, that's an idea)
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    I can't remember which one I have on.
    I bought them both.

    I remember one protected the sides better than the other, and that's the one I put on, I just can't remember if it's BG or IS.

    Either way, I like the one I have.
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    Currently I am using a CAPDASE screen protector. I was looking into BodyGUARDZ or ZAGG Invisible Shield but the cost of shipping just doesn't make it too practical in my case. I did purchase a silicone case from
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    Any passers by who would like a FREE high quality screen protector and a FREE skin case please refer to my post above
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