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    Was that a Freudian slip Mal? "sweat" talk them?
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    Yeah, the last time I tried that, it worked well (with RealVGA as well): The scrolling was smooth, weather updated fine, etc. The problem was, and it was a big one: The keyboard stopped working alltogether, and clicking on anything was unsuccessful. So basically you got the great looks of TouchFlo, but you lost your phone being capable of well, anything else. I'll try it again and see what happens. I know one member here has it working fine, not sure what he did to get it up and running though.

    Kevin C: I was tabbed back in December to be my corporate store's "ambassador" (they call it an advocate) for the Pro, so I've been tooling around with it for some time now. When I transferred stores they gave it to someone else, but I'm getting a new one this week to call my own.
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