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    Don't get me wrong -- I'm looking forward to ordering the Treo Pro as much as you guys are. But the fact remains that a phone released in 2008 has an obscenely high SAR rating that's more suited for a circa 1998 device. I know that there hasn't been any 100% proven link between emitted radiation levels and cancer, but who the heck wants to take any chances? Fortunately, I plan to be using the speakerphone a lot, but the Pro's high SAR rating is, in my opinion, quite disappointing.
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    Looks like the GSM T650 was high too

    Hmmm,,,, looks like all treo's are kinda high:
    700p: SAR 1.48
    700w: SAR 1.26
    treo Pro SAR 1.5

    BlackBerry curve SAR 1.54

    From what I understand the SAR rating is closely related to the amount of heat the battery puts off.

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