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    Is it me or has the UltimateLaunch web site been updated?

    Things I did not see before:
    -- Quick Guide/FAQs
    -- Settings (finally, a list of all screenshots so 800w users can see what is cut off)
    -- SmartUtilities

    I wonder if the download version is newer? It says it is 1.2 but maybe an updated build. I will check it out later.
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    I just installed it a few days ago and I didn't see those full screens of the settings. I've been struggling with a few things I can't get to. At least now I know what screen they're on. Unfortunately without installing the DPI program people are using, I can't get to a lot of those options. They don't support the 5-way to tab through the selections.

    Hopefully they'll come out with a version that works properly on this resolution.
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