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    In short, they hated the keyboard.
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    A fair review. It's a shame the Treo Pro is let down by what was Palm's greatest strength - the keyboard.

    PC Pro really like the Nokia E71. I can understand this, as I currently have the E61. However, I prefer the better MS Office integration of WM devices.

    Choices, choices!
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    Seem fair to be, by and large, though I charge my 680 up daily (Push email and MP3s seem to drain the battery fairly quickly). If I'm using the phone for more than about 16 hours it runs disturbingly close to empty, and that's with a 2400 mAh battery! Sure, I could not play MP3s and probably extend it a bit, but I don't see it lasting two days unless I turn off Chatter...

    <semi-topical rant>
    I'm also a bit annoyed with the lack of comparison to other WM phones (possibly this is a good thing?)... I'm looking for a new phone, but I'm limited to either Palm OS (which is essentially dead), and Windows Mobile. Even then, I can't use WM Standard as the software needs a touch screen (Chinese learning software. Can't write characters without a touchscreen!).

    Leaves me with a choice of WM Professional or Classic. I like all-in-one stuff, so that leaves WM Professional.

    Oh, and it must be GSM. One CDMA carrier here who's building a new 3G/GSM Network. Not that they allow other phones to be used on their network. China lacks CDMA entirely, far as I'm aware.

    That doesn't leave a lot of choice, does it?

    I guess I'm a bit of a special case. While I don't spend a lot of time tapping out emails and such, or even using the phone, I do get frustrated at any 'unnecessary' extra steps, which may include (I've never used one with this feature) sliding out a keyboard, or having to tap the buttons I want as opposed to using keyboard shortcuts.
    </semi-topical rant>

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