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    According to my local fone zone guy, the Treo Pro is available to be ordered BY THEM from today (September 9th).

    Still no details about it on the Telstra site though. I assume they'd ship relatively soon, the guy guessed maybe a week or two before they had them in-store.

    He also said that he can basically pre-order it for me. I declined. I think I'll wait a few months (12?) until my contract is able to be re-jigged and the bugs have been sorted out by people way smarter than me!
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    Check out the review I posted from cNet.
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    Have you tried the internet to buy one. I bought my unlocked Centro there about two months before released in Oz.
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    Well, thanks for the cnet review.
    And I don't think the internet will have the Treo Pro available if they've not been released here yet. We are the first to get them this time.

    Plus I want it on Telstra's Next G network, so am waiting for it to be released officially through them.
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    Palm comeback with Treo Pro,00.html

    Mitchell Bingemann | September 09, 2008

    WITH the likes of RIM, Nokia and Apple dominating the smartphone market it feels like a long time since the heady days of the 1990s when Palm was the one to watch.

    The Palm Treo Pro smartphone

    But with the introduction of the Palm Treo Pro the smartphone originator is back and ready to clash with today's heavyweights.
    With its glossy black finish, rounded edges, flush design and hand-sized physical dimensions, it's easy to draw comparisons between the Treo Pro and Apple's iPhone 3G.

    What the Treo Pro lacks in consumer grade functionality, it more than makes up in features that the iPhone just forgot.

    The Palm Treo is crammed with all the features business users have come to expect from smartphones nowadays - HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, email, Bluetooth and calendar.

    The Treo Pro's trump card over the iPhone has to be its ability to run in tethered mode, allowing use of the device as a 3G modem with a laptop via a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

    Even though the Treo Pro's chassis is dominated by a 320 by 320-pixel touchscreen, Palm has included a full-sized QWERTY keyboard - a smart move considering the awkward execution of touchscreen keyboards on other smartphones.

    Whether using one or two hands, it's equally easy to type on the Treo Pro's full-sized keyboard, but for those who prefer to tap away with a stylus, a touchscreen keyboard is included too.

    Although the touchscreen is exceptionally responsive, its relatively small dimensions mean thumbing between onscreen applications is easier using the supplied stylus.

    With a 400MHz processor and 256MB of RAM the Treo Pro runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.1 as well as we've seen on any smartphone, while battery life is simply brilliant.

    The Treo Pro comes with the standard suite of Windows Mobile applications and because it's exclusively sold by Telstra the device comes installed with the telco's My Place menu to give users access to a range of additional applications such as Sensis search, Mobile Foxtel channels, BigPond Music and Whereis maps.

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