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    I can't figure out which is the problem, I don't have another headset to try. My 855 worked fine with my treo 800w for several weeks, so I know how it works and that it worked. The only thing I can think of is the recent treo 800w update from palm; I haven't changed anything else.

    Whats weird is I can turn my bluetooth headset on, my bluetooth icon on my screen changes from blue (bluetooth enabled) to white (bluetooth connected). However, if I go into bluetooth wireless manager/settings and click find devices, it cannot find my device. Even with the icon showing its connected, the headset is not physically paired; I cannot hear calls or my music from my headset, my 800w speaker is still activated too.

    I did try the headset with someone else's phone and it did not work on their's either, which makes me think its the headset. However why is my icon detecting the headset connection when "attemping" to pair? My phone can find other devices around me too (cell phones with bluetooth enabled. Like I said I dont have another headset to try)....
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    Try forcing "Set as Handsfree" in the BT settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazie.eddie View Post
    Try forcing "Set as Handsfree" in the BT settings.
    Where is this setting? Thanks,

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    Did you ever find a fix for your bluetooth issue? I'm having the same issue with my headset and it is driving me crazy and it seems like no one knows how to fix it...
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    Hi skybunnygirl - Please only post the exact same statement to 1 comment thread, so we don't have to read the exact same comment over and over .
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    I posted a question not a statment for 2 different members in hopes to find an answer to my problem which seems to be their problem also. Due to new member limitations I was unable to send them a PM, as such this is my only way to get their attention if they are still around. You can not assume that both reads all questions/comments or the whole site...
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    skybunnygirl - As one who is not a new member and been here for many years, I can tell you that usually the multiple threads are read. Often by the same people. I can also tell you, that more importantly, the moderators don't take kindly to the same thing posted in multiple threads. And if there is a solution to a problem, more than the 2 people who made threads about the topic usually know the solution and read the various threads.

    Once you've been here a while, you'll see that one post of a question is sufficient. Please respect the rest of us by posting questions just once.

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