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    I use Outlook email with our exchange server and am running WM 6.1. Recently, my Treo has stopped displaying email attachments. They download, but when I try to open them, I get an error message "cannot display the attachment." The problem seems related to Mobile Word (though I get the same message with pdf. attachments, so it's not limited to Word docs). When I open Mobile Word I get an error message saying "An Error occurred. The document could not be opened" (meaning, presumably, the blank document that should open on start-up). (This does not happen when I try running Mobils Excel.) I downloaded Documents To Go and made that the default for opening Word documents. But, Word attachments still will not display.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I have gone with Flexmail and that problem went away. I do not remember, is there a setting for downloading partial/entire attachment? Such a setting exists in Flexmail and the way I have it set is to download the attachment name only and if I need to open the attachment, I can tap the attachment name, respond to the download prompt and it will download and automagically open with the appropriate application.

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