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    I have a 700 wx that I want to drop my internet package on. I have a verizon plan for $30 per month but I only need the internet and email when I am away from home every couple of months.
    If I drop the plan, will the aTreo simply not be able to connect, or will it connect anyway- at a per KB rate? That could be a killer if oned of my kids goes on Youtube or such. Verizon rep told me that if I did not have the plan my fee for usage on a recent 7 day trip would have been $1100! I don't need that kind of surprise.

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    There is no "Internet Plan", only a "Data Plan". You are required to have a "Data Plan". However it can be a pay-as-you-go "Plan".

    What most folks in your situation do is to use the pay-as-you-go plan and then call Verizon and ask them to put a "Data Block" on your phone. This way your phone cannot connect to the Internet or do any other data (i.e. no picture messaging will be available either).


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