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    I just hard reset my phone due to an application gone bad. I was able to restore my phone from a backup from about a week ago. Everything is back to normal except for the syncing. I use Missing Sync for my Mac and it connects back fine but it wont Sync anything at all.

    I reinstalled the Palm USB update and the Missing Sync program on the phone and still nothing. What should I try next?

    I also noticed since the hard reset I have a pop-up on my phone saying I'm connected to USB. I never had that before, is it normal?
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    have you tried to set up a new relationship? When you say nothing happens, is that with both the cable and Bluetooth? Bluetooth normally works every time and frankly I like it the most.
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    I was able to get it to work again. For future reference you need to go into the program iSync and reset the sync history and restart the computer. I never realized that iSync and Missing Sync were linked in that way.

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