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    One of the major things about moving to WinMob is my medical apps.

    I know epocrates has a winmob version. But i have tons of Skyscape apps and UpToDate for Palm as well. Will these work?

    Other smaller apps i use: Converter, Eponyms, iSilo, ABGPro, MedCalc, Prescribersletter... WIll these work with styletap?

    And one general styletap question.... do we need to go thru styletap to launch these apps or can we launch them from WinMob itself?


    Getting frustrated with Sprint and my 755p. BT on PalmOS really sucks
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    I have many Medical apps from Skyscape as well, and they all work on StyleTap. When you first get Style Tap, it downloads to your PC. Then when you want to add an app to your Win Mo, it goes through Style Tap and adds it to your device. Once the app is installed to your device, then you will see a Icon of it in your program menu, and then you can launch it. You can even place them on your memory card. So far no problems at all.
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    Styletap apps sit in your program launchers like windowsmob programs, and are pretty transparent.

    best app I have on my styletap is my memo program, actually, lol
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    thats actually an enticing feature... thanks for clarifying that.

    how do you install Palm OS apps? ok let me clarify that... my app prescriber's letter updates the Palm db every hot sync. epocrates does that as well. will it still be still the same.

    And yes, i use my palm's memo pad a lot... actually use Wordsmith and if i could use that and see my bolds and underlines will still be visible on the 800w without any hassle then thats another reason to switch!

    anyway hows the data connection? does it still disconnect as often as the 755p?

    what medical apps DO NOT work?

    cant believe i am actually starting to think of switching.
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    Here are a few of the programs I'm running, I haven't come across a medical app that has not worked..

    A to Z Drug Facts
    The 5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult
    The 5 Minute Pediatric Consult
    Davis Drug Guide
    Essentials Of Diagnosis & Tx
    Pediatric Drug Therapy
    Psychiatric Drug Therapy
    DSM IV

    As far as the connection, I haven't had any problems at all. I have to say the switch from the 755 to the 800 was great.. I'm even running Bejewled 2 with style tap... Hope that helps
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
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    in terms of snappiness or reliability of access to the data on these apps are they instantaneous and reliable?
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    In my opinion, very snappy and very reliable. And very fast.
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
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    Check out lots of medical related applications there.

    I found a WM version of the Converter program there too, pocketConvert.
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    A quick note about Style Tap - it is more stable than the Palm OS and the 5-way key is not supported. Otherwise, it works very well.
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    The one big dissapointment for me was medical billing and coding software for WM. The choices are limitted: pocket billing, medimobile and MD coder. Yhey are nowhere near as friendly as POS bluefish Rx.
    Wish James Fisher and crowd made a WM version of the BFRx.
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    I could use bluefish Rx on styletap, but could not print any of my charges. I think the print drivers were still POS and WM did not like that.
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    The skyscape stuff works. Not made for one hand use, but is readable and searchable without a problem. I have a lot of skyscape and they all work.

    As for UpToDate--it works, good scrolling in the medical database, but, problem with the drug database. This is not the fault of the Treo, because all the other docs using UpToDate got the same problem on other hardware (Dell, HTC, as well as the other Treo models).

    I came from a Dell and the Dell was great for med application, but had my pockets full of stuff, including a cell phone with the PDA.
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    how is uptodate compared epocrates essentials?

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