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    Been fighting connectivity between the Treo and my Sony Viao w/ Vista32 for two years. THought I'd try one more time. Removed WMDC and reinstalled from a fresh download. Bingo: BT connected and did a sync. At the time the COMM on WMDC was set to COMM7. Later, tried to reconnect w/BT. Treo says "connected" but notebook PC says not. Treo did not actually have a COMM port defined, so set in COMM7; won't take it. Treo will not allow COMM7 or 8, but will allow COMM0 or 4, neither of which will WMDC offer. How do I get the comm ports to agree? Under Device Manager / Ports it shows COMM7 as a BT port, but Treo refuses to recognize it; always an error message.

    BTW: Sony Vaio has a funky BT manager that is involved with the Toshiba BT stack. I do not have the standard Vista BT manager in Control Panel.

    Also, not sure what rev of Active Sync I have; how to tell?
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    Mike Caldwell
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    Wow; 80 views and nobody has an idea? Is this that hard???
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