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    so i know there is a sticky... but i just cant seam to sort through all of the posts for a simple instruction on how to thread my text msgs.

    Sprint 700wx WM5

    I just want to know which program will do the trick.
    Ive found and downloaded the threaded sms 4 and 5 beta, as well as the shogunmark wm6 one...

    which one will work the best?

    i'm testing te shogun one and when i txt myself via AIM, the first notification bring me into my old txt inbox (which always stays empty), i close out of that, and the second notification brings me into the app but leave my today screen still saying there are no unread msgs... whatd i miss?
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    I can't speak for any of the apps you've referenced, but a good freebee is PocketCM. It's a combo contact manager and threaded SMS app.
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