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    Earlier I got an email while on a call and checked it while on the call, after that the email notification icon on the screen saver and TA's LED would not clear. I read all the emails, even deleted them, but each time I get an email now, it won't clear. I no longer get the bubble either...I hard reset a couple days ago and installed everything by hand - no backup - so I know its not the same issue I had last week (which wouldn't clear the count, but cleared the notifications).

    As I type this, it just happened with a text message. Won't clear the icon or the LED...

    Any ideas about what happened and more importantly how I can fix it? Soft resets clear it, but don't want to have to do that after each email or now text. I turned off the led alert for emails for now, because while that is a cool feature, it gets annoying to see it all the time.


    Edit: Problem solved. I had moved the Quickmenu battery meter so it could be seen in all windows. That made it take the space of the notification bubble and email icon. Once I moved it back, the icon cleared.
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