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    Anybody have this and can give a recommendation?

    Palm Leather Sleeve Case

    It's on sale until the 10th and looks simliar to a case I had from Smartphone Experts for my 700 except there's no strap to hold it in. Am concerned about quality and safety if it swivels upside down?
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    Sprint stores sell the same case.
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    I have it...I dont use it.....

    The swivel clip is tighter than most and I dont know how concerned I'd be about it falling out of either the case or the clip. my biggest gripe is some of the buttons and the stylus are a little hard to get to.
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    I have it and love it! It keeps the phone tight in place and it won't fall down even if it swivels upside down.
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    I have it and I think it is very good too. It certainly holds the phone very tightly, and it couldn't slide out if you held it upside down and shook it. It does make it slightly harder to pull out the stylus, but I have gotten used to it. And I can see where it might make some of the side buttons a little less convenient, but not really that much more difficult than without the cover. Overall, it works quite well.

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