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    Mini or Mobile?

    I cannot find a comparison or data on one vs the other; specifically as it relates to the 800w.

    Can I install both and then decide which to remove?


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    Ya both of them do work on Treo 800w perfectly. So, it'll be your personal choice...
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    I was wondering the same thing yesterday. What are the major differences between both of them? I'm assuming mobile has more features?
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    +1 for Mobile from me... Haven't tried Mini so can't comment but Mobile works great and has all the features I need so.......
    I just wish it had an option that allowed you to set it to NOT be the default browser...
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    The official beta release does have that option.
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    Prefer Mini cause all my bookmarks are already saved.
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    Get both and see for yourself
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    I don't know about on the 800w, but on the 700wx, Mini is a whole lot faster.
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    mini is much faster... i had both.... also book marks that gets synced in mini....
    that is awesome too
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    So what features does mobile have that mini does not? (I guess I should just go to their site and find out myself!)
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    I love opera mini, I had opera mobile for a bit but now I have skyfire, and that can do the flash, while the mini does everything else because its so fast.

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