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    All right, I've only had the phone for a couple months now, and the paint on the down key seems to be chipping off. It really isn't effecting the device, but come on, I thought these phones were suppose to handle more than that.

    Also, another quirk that has been occuring as of recently... My phone has been freezing up on me a few times a day. If I try to turn the phone back on, I get the today screen with the keypad lock, but I cannot get the phone to function.

    I dont know if anyone else is having these problems, or if it is just me being nit picky.
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    Try running a program called PMclean or Memmaid has a good scan and clean function. This may fix your 2nd issue.
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    Same here, the paint chipping is annoying. It makes my (somewhat)new 800w look old.
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    I have pmclean, but i guess it doesnt take care of all the notifications. It cleans some but there are about 50+ left. I will see if memaid will take care of it.
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    Before the nite ends, I am now using AlarmFixWM and no more missed alarms. The link is

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