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    I think this was stated earlier... this isn't a 800w issue. This is a phone/data issue. I had the same problem on my 700w, 700wx, and now 800w. If your device is setup on an exchange server it constantly uses the data connection. When it is connected, your phone will not ring. You have to tap and hold the connection arrows and select "disconnect". then you will get calls. It also helps if you set your sync schedule to sync less frequently, etc. Hope that helps.

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    First post. Love my 800w. But...

    I was having problems with missed calls and especially missed text messages (I was missing MLB score updates). I performed several tests with the Sprint online text message sender and consistently only received 3/5 text messages. Two would not be received every time I tested it. I contacted customer support and they had me reset my radio settings:

    Dial pad
    Tap Update profile (phone will access data connection and work for a minute)
    When done hit OK
    OK to dial pad
    OK to main screen

    Since updating and soft-resetting my 800w I have performed 3 more tests of 10 text messages and received 10/10 each time (yea). I don't know if this will solve the missed calls issue but I thought I would post so you could try it.
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    Fellow treo fans,

    Any fixes yet? I've had mine since the end of July and the 800w is still missing calls; I simply don't know why.

    Any definitive word? How do I tell if it is my account or my phone? Other than that, I've been happy with the phone.
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    I'm still not thinking it's not particular to the 800w. My mom has had her Motorola Razr V3m for over a year and she occassionaly does not get incoming calls. I have an 800w and have never had issues of not receiving any calls.
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